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Talks With  Salena

Good Mood Food Talks

Book Salena to bring presentations to your place of work, organization, group, retreats, conferences, and events, as well as, for friends and family. Ideal for any group size. 

Topics can be customized to meet your area of concerns to be addressed. 

Sample of Topics

RE-energizing Your Workforce to Increase Productivity and Corporate Culture Wellness.


Focus on how to restore energy, eliminate the afternoon slump and create an overall more productive environment. Learn about the consequences from a lack of sleep, prolonged stress, and the top keys to enhance sleep hygiene to start feeling goooood. 

The Brain, Gut, and Food – The Happy Threesome.

Did you know your gut is referred as your second brain?

Discover the key relationship that links your digestive system and your brain and how what you eat influences this magical relationship.

Going From Horrible Hormonal Freak-Outs to A More Balanced Sane Way of Being.

Although it may feel like it, you are not going crazy.

Once you know the easy steps you can implement to make a real difference in your moods, and to balance your hormones you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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