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I do believe it’s important to go somewhere new or do something different every year. At least that’s what I was telling myself while a tube was being inserted into my butt. I finally decided to go for my first colon hydrotherapy treatment. I needed to know what everyone was talking about. I really needed to experience this for myself. So basically a tiny speculum is used to allow the tube to go where it needs to – don’t freak out it doesn’t go very far. The colon hydrotherapist then inserts double purified water via a two way valve. Once you’re “full” of water a button is switched to allow the water to flow out of the tube. I wouldn’t call this a pleasant experience because it’s not. For me it felt like I had explosive diarrhea and needed to run to the nearest toilet however that’s not the point of this and you actually need to relax and let go – there’s actually a quote about letting go on the ceiling above the bed just to remind you. The session lasted about 35 minutes and afterwards you are given an electrolye + probiotic drink to reculture the colon. After the session I felt CLEANED out – literally there was nothing left. Which is an amazing feeling and I can only imagine how wonderful that would feel for people who are constipated or only have 1 or 0 bowel movements per day. Fortunately for me I go quite regularly and this feeling is normal for me.

3 tips for after your colon hydrotherapy appointment

· Drink lots of water

· Take your probiotics

· Eat easily digestible foods

What I found really amazing is how porous and susceptible to dehydration the colon is. I typically drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. However, the day of the treatment and the day prior I did not drink enough water and was probably dehydrated – this is 100% opposite of how you are to prepare for your colonic but sometimes life just happens! During the session, my colon was literally absorbing the water and nothing was really happening for the first 5-10 minutes. This really makes me think about the long-term damage we could be doing to our colons when we are not keeping ourselves properly hydrated. During elimination the colon is responsible for absorbing water, if there is no water to be absorbed your feces become hard, difficult to eliminate and remain in the colon faaaaar longer than they should be. This can lead to an array of problems. Toxins that accumulate from constipation can end up in other areas of your body; the toxins need to escape somehow and since skin is our largest organ it would make sense that we might see breakouts. If you consistently have toxins circulating throughout your body, it’s possible that you will experience fatigue as your body finds ways to eliminate them from the body.

What to look for in a colon hydrotherapy appointment

· A reputable clinic that uses disposable equipment

· Information about what to eat before and after your appointment

· A drink that introduces probiotics and electrolytes back in to your colon (taken right after your appointment)

See the Bristol stool chart below to see where you are.

Contact me to discuss some simple ways to improve your bowel movements, and get to #4!

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